F CHOICE SOLAR TECH INDIA PVT LTD  is a global energy engineering solutions provider enabling companies to conceptualize, design and install the energy efficient systems. Operating in different sectors such as direct consumer, commercial and industrial Products we have successful bench mark to balance the clients requirement across the world. With the centralised operations in India we work closely with our customers sharing their commitment and focus for their successful operations.  Over the last 10 years, we have built an integrated engineering ecosystem which helps clients in every phase of their realistic requirements.

                  F CHOICE Engineering Process Group and Quality control team are the drivers in our quest for process excellence. They drive process improvement initiatives within the Organization by periodic monitoring and tracking of the system installed. Key parameters like project delivery, customer satisfaction are measured and monitored at regular intervals through senior management reviews to ensure quality and continuous functioning of the projects. Each solution that we offer adheres to a defined process based on our quality procedures.


The benefits our company experiences with this robust system are

  • Early detection of defects leading to more predictable delivery schedule leading to reduced rework

  • Realistic estimation of time and schedule

  • Effective management of cost and resources

  • Better management of risks