On an average, OEM's spend 1% to 4% of their revenue on Warranty and related costs. A deeper look at the spend and we realize Product Defect costs (~40%), Administrative Overheads (~22%), Supplier Recovery costs (~15%) and Fraudulent Claims (~12%) are the major factors contributing to the ever increasing cost pressures. These clearly stands out as the Market White Spaces where contribute significantly.

Solution Differentiators

  • Warranty Predictive Analytics, providing patterns and Next Best Actions across the Key Business Processes - Warranty Cost Prediction and Fraud Claim Detection

  • Connected Cars Telematics solution sending early warning signals to Dealership, Auto OEM and Customers for potential failure of parts.

  • End-to-End Integration with ERP, Dealer Management System, Service Management and Loyalty Management programs.

Solution Benefits

F Choice helps organizations reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by enabling the following:-

  • Control product failure and quality issues up to 15%

  • Reduce fraud claims by 6-9%

  • Improving Supplier Cost Recovery by 2X

  • Improve warranty and contract sells by 3-7%

  • 25-Year Worry-Free Warranty   

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