We provide a best and smart Inverters, Pump Inverters,Solar charge controllers and Street Light with best quality.

Our products

  •  Pump inverter

  •  Smart Inverter with/without solar

  •  Smart ON Grid/Grid tied Inverter

  •  Solar charge controllers(MPPT and PWM)

  •  Street lights 

  •  Soalr Pannels

  • Tubular Batteries

Specialisation in 

  •  Microcontroller

  • DSP Processer

 Testing equipment

  • CRO

  •  Solar Simulator

  •   Variator

  •   Flow and Pressure meter

  •   Lx meter

  •   LCR meter

  •    Winding Machine

​Production and Testing

  • Highly skilled and experienced team of staff for assembling and testing

  • In house PCB assembly facility

  • Wave soldering machine for volume production

  • High end testing instruments and custom built jigs for consistent quality

Get in touch with US

Send us your message by clicking the link bellow mentioned. One of the Advisiors will  be happy to get in touch with you.

Value Proposition

  • Flexible Support Model

  • With I-torque efficiency

  • With 99%  MPPT Efficiency

  • With 135 lm/W Brightness