Sales Prediction & Analytics Solution

                  To succeed in today’s uncertain, volatile market, it is vital to have two main characteristics as part of any Aftermarket organization – ability to predict and agility to react. Unlike supplying to original equipment manufacturers, the demand is very erratic and the supply chain too long. Some of the major challenges in Aftermarket spares are – predicting the demand, ensuring in-time manufacturing and harmonizing the entire supply chain to react to this demand.

The focus of current planning model in organizations is exclusively inward-driven. Market and external factors are ignored leading to huge inaccuracies and unexpected demands. These models are also unable to effectively use data like secondary sales, competitor data, seasonal data, past schemes, etc for forecasting. Even the incentive schemes and promotions are planned without systematic procedures. The sales team and the product managers will be able to react quickly to market dynamics powering the entire supply chain.



  • Sales predictions

  • Rapid simulations and scenario analysis

  • Workflow based application

  • Flexibility and feasibility

  • Live market feeds and instant notifications

  • Automatic system based Prediction

  • Simulation of parameters based on field knowledge

  • Performance as Sales office head and Product manager

  • Versioning and publishing of predictions