10Hp Solar Pumping System at

Sai Krishnna Agro Farms, Chennai


Project Size: 5Hp Pumping System - 2 No's.

Project Site: Kanchipuram, Chennai.

Panel Array: 9800 Watts.

Description: Pumping system used for Water                  Purification plant for Hi-Tech Agriculture.


25KW Power Plant at

St.Ignatius School, Tirunelveli

Project Size: 25KW Power Plant.

Project Site: St.Ignatius School, Tirunelveli.

Panel Array:  20000 Watts.

Description: 25KW 3Phase Off-Grid system with 20 No's 150Ah battery system powering the entire School.



5Hp Water Pumping System at Karatholuvu, Udumalpet.

Project Size: 5Hp Pumping System.

Project Site: Karatholuvu, udumalpet

Panel Array: 5400 Watts.

Description: Pumping water from Well  and irrigated through Drip Irrigation.

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Supply of 1000 No's of 250 VA Green House

Solar Inverter

Project Size: 250 KW.

Project Site: Coimbatore, Tirunelveli.

Description: 250 VA Green House Solar power plant for                          Domestic Use.