5KW Petrol bunk project at

INDIAN OIL Bunk, Bhubaneswar, Orissa


Project Size: 5KW Power plant for Petrol Bunk.

Project Site: Indian oil bunk, Bhubaneshwar road, Odisha

Panel Array: 3000 Watts.

Description: A 3KW solar panels with 5KW Petrol bunk special Inverter and 8 Nos. of  150 AH Batteries run the petrol bunk round the clock. The bunk has got 8 nozzles to run continuously.   A great successful project motivated many bunk owners to go for it. 

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50KW Power Plant at Nagercoil, Tamilnadu

Project Size: 50 KW Power plant.

Project Site: Nagercoil, Tamilnadu.

Panel Array: 50 KW.

Description: On-grid Solar Power plant for SAI BABA Temple.

2KW Power Plant at Maharaja Farms, Palani.


Project Size: 2KW Power Plant.

Project Site: Maharaja Farms,

                          Kuthiraiyar Dam, Palani.

Panel Array: 1800 Watts.

Description: Power plant for Lightining Farm House.

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5Hp Water Pumping System at Malayandigoundanur, Udumalpet.

Project Size: 5Hp Pumping System.

Project Site: Malayandigoundanur, udumalpet

Panel Array: 5400 Watts.

Description: Pumping water from bore well of 850ft and irrigated through Drip Irrigation.

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7.5Hp Water Pumping System at Mahalingam College of Engineering and Techonology, Pollachi.

Project Size: 7.5Hp Pumping System.

Project Site: Mahalingam College of  Engineering & Techonology, Pollachi.

Panel Array: 8500 Watts.

Description: Pumping water from open well and supplying to College Hostels.

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5Hp Water Pumping System at Karadikuttam, Udumalpet.

Project Size: 5Hp Pumping System.

Project Site: Karadikuttam, Udumalpet.

Panel Array: 4500 Watts.

Description: Pumping water from 15ft deep Pond and delivering at a point 2Kms distance away.

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