Manufacturing Support

                Essential support to transfer engineering design to convert to a commercial manufactured product in terms of supplier management, process and assembly support, manufacturing documentation, test fixturing for end-of-line testing and pilot product line validation is provided as part of F Choice Solar Tech.

                F Choice has invested heavily in the systems required to seamlessly integrate all of our manufacturing operations and services. We realize that a successful company needs to manage those systems, rather than being controlled by them.

The system integration allows us to manage requirements with a high degree of accuracy, and speed. This coupled with effective and timely communication, assists us in providing a "Total Product Solution".

  • Quality

  • ERP

  • Manufacturing Traceability & Control

Who we are ...

  • Your partner of choice for manufacturing engineering and logistic planning in India

  • We provide professional service whenever engineering competence and capacity are required.

  • We accelerate the rollout of the Production System in India by providing excellent training and on-site implementation service


  • Reduced operational costs

  • Free up revenue producing space in your facility

  • Vendor managed inventory capability

  • Proven, measurable metrics

  • Reduced safety incident costs

  • Higher operational productivity

  • Solutions Team expertise

  • Line side solutions

  • Warehouse/storage flexibility

  • Efficient, accurate inbound and outbound management