Welcome to our company  delivering services  that combine Quality, Reliability and Compliance.

Our Company is a Result of Professional Work

    F  CHOICE SOLAR TECH INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED  is a multinational solar energy solution company  cultured modern ventures  to solve the power requirements  and harvesting  free energy from the nature to substitute the need of best performing world. 

     Our company is supported by industry leading  R&D centre  with high engineering skills and top notch manufacturing facilities  for the design and development of upcoming solar electronics.

What We Do?....

Products with best quality & updated Technology

Monitoring and Tracking the technology.

Support and Expand efforts for customers. 

Clientele spread across the globe.

Our Company focused on different areas to provide better energy solutions.

Technicians who are all taking care of the design, manufacturing, sales & servicing activities of our company.

Our Company is well equipped with the world class electronics lab with high tech monitoring and testing facilities.